Special Sessions

The 2016 organization of the 8th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence will be holding a number of additional, to the main conference, special sessions to areas of special interest to the topics of the Conference.

Deadline for special session & workshop proposals has been extended to March 15th, 2016

The following special sessions and workshops have been accepted to date:

Organizers: Mirjana Ivanovic and Costin Badica

Organizers: Piotr Jędrzejowicz and Dariusz Barbucha

Organizers: Diana Trandabat and Daniela Gifu

Organizers: Kazimierz Choros and Maria Trocan

Organizers: Pandian Vasant, Bharat Singh, Neel Mani, Rajalingam Sokkalingam, and Junzo Watada

Organizers: Urszula Boryczka, Mariusz Boryczka, and Jan Kozak

Organizers: Vladimir Sobeslav, Ondrej Krejcar, Peter Brida, and Peter Mikulecky

Organizers: Ondrej Krejcar, Kamil Kuca, Dawit Assefa Haile, and Tanos C.C. Franca

Organizers: Azahara Camacho, Pablo C. Canizares, and Mercedes G. Merayo

Organizers: Petra Poulova, Ivana Simonova, Katerina Kostolanyova, and Tiia Ruutmann

Organizers: Rim Faiz and Nadia Essoussi

Organizers: Piotr Porwik, Agnieszka Nowak-Brzezińska, Robert Koprowski, and Janusz Jezewski

Organizers: Ualsher Tukeyev and Zhandos Zhumanov

Call for Special Sessions & Workshops

ICCCI 2016 invites proposals for Special Sessions & Workshops to be held during the conference. They intend to provide researchers in focused areas the opportunity to present and discuss their work, as well as to offer a forum for interaction among a broader community of researchers. A Special Session or Workshop will consist of a group of papers in a sub-discipline of Computational Collective Intelligence related to the main topics of ICCCI 2016.

The papers will be required to meet the same standards as ICCCI 2016 papers and will be published in the conference proceedings, in a bound volume by Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series. All the Special Sessions and Workshops will be centralized as tracks in the same conference submission and reviewing system (EasyChair) as the regular papers.

Please send the Workshop / Special Session proposals to Bogdan Trawinski (bogdan.trawinski@pwr.edu.pl) and Elias Pimenidis (elias.pimenidis@uwe.ac.uk) with the following information:

      • Title & acronym of the special session & workshop
      • Brief profiles of special session & workshop organizers
      • General description of the special session & workshop scope
      • List of topics
      • Proposed Session Program Committee (to be invited)

To download the pattern of Workshop & Special Session proposal please click here.

The organizers will be responsible for the advertisement and promotion of the special session and the conference including the Special Session & Workshop webpage preparation. The management of papers review will be achieved by Special Session & Workshop Committees, using the Conference System (a separate EasyChair track will be provided for each Special Session & Workshop). The organizers are responsible for managing the review process. All the reviews should be submitted through EasyChair. Each paper should obtain at least two reviews.

Special Session Chairs

    • Bogdan Trawinski, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
    • Elias Pimenidis, University of the West of England, UK