Accepted papers

Title Authors
A Novel Interaction Protocol of a Multiagent System for the Study of Alternative Decisions Florin Leon
Modeling Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviour  in Autism Spectrum Disorders Laura M. Van Der Lubbe, Jan Treur and Willeke Van Vught
Analysis and Refinement of a Temporal-Causal  Network Model for Absorption of Emotions Eric Fernandes de Mello Araújo and Jan Treur
Cognitive Modelling of Emotion Contagion in a Crowd of Soccer Supporter Agents Berend Jutte and C. Natalie Van Der Wal
The role of mood on emotional agents behaviour Petros Kefalas, Ilias Sakellariou, Suzie Savvidou, Ioanna Stamatopoulou and Marina Ntika
Modelling a Mutual Support Network for Coping with Stress Lenin Medeiros, Ruben Sikkes and Jan Treur
Knowledge integration method for Supply Chain Management module in a Cognitive Integrated Management Information System Marcin Hernes
An asymmetric approach to discover the complex mappings between ontologies Fatma Kaabi and Faiez Gargouri
An Evidential Approach for Managing Temporal Relations Uncertainty Nessrine El Hadj Salem, Allel Hadjali, Aymen Gammoudi and Boutheina Ben Yaghlane
An Improvement of the Two-stage Consensus-based Approach for Determining the Knowledge of a Collective Van Du Nguyen, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen and Dosam Hwang
An Approach to Subjectivity Detection on Twitter Using the Structured Information Juan Sixto, Aitor Almeida and Diego López-De-Ipiña
WSD-TIC: Word Sense Disambiguation using Taxonomic Information Content Mohamed Ben Aouicha, Mohamed Ali Hadj Taieb and Hania Ibn Marai
What Makes your Writing Style Unique? Significant Differences Between Two Famous Romanian Orators Mihai Dascalu, Daniela Gifu and Stefan Trausan-Matu
A Novel Approach to Identify Factor Posing Pronunciation Disorders Naim Terbeh and Mounir Zrigui
Towards an automatic Intention Recognition from client request Noura Labidi, Tarak Chaari and Rafik Bouaziz
Fuzzy cognitive maps for long-term prognosis of the evolution of atmospheric pollution, based on climate change scenarios: The case of Athens Vardis-Dimitris Anezakis, Kostantinos Demertzis, Lazaros Iliadis and Stefanos Spartalis
The Results of a Complex Analysis of the Modified Pratt-yaskorskiy Performance Metrics Based on the Two-dimensional Markov-renewal-process Viktor Geringer, Dmitry Dubinin and Alexander Kochegurov
Generic Ensemble-Based Representation of Global Cardiovascular Dynamics for Personalized Treatment Discovery and Optimization Olga Senyukova, Valeriy Gavrishchaka, Maria Sasonko, Yuri Gurfinkel, Svetlana Gorokhova and Nikolay Antsygin
Avoiding the Curse of Dimensionality in Local Binary Patterns Karel Petránek, Jan Vanek and Eva Milková
On the Foundations of Multinomial Sequence Based Estimation B. John Oommen and Sang-Woon Kim
Global Solar Radiation Prediction using Backward Propagation Artificial Neural Network for the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Younas Worki, Eshetie Berhan and Ondrej Krejcar
Determining the Criteria for Setting Input Parameters of the Fuzzy Inference Model of P&R Car Parks Locating Michał Lower and Anna Lower
On Systematic Approach to Discovering Periodic Patterns in Event Logs Marcin Zimniak and Janusz R. Getta
The Fuzzy Approach to Assessment of ANOVA Results Jacek Pietraszek, Maciej Kołomycki, Agnieszka Szczotok and Renata Dwornicka
Virtual Road Condition Prediction through License Plates in 3D Simulation Orcan Alpar and Ondrej Krejcar
Creating a knowledge base to support the concept of lean administration using expert system NEST Radim Dolak
Fuzzy Bionic Hand Control in Real-Time based on Electromyography Signal Analysis Martin Tabakov, Krzysztof Fonal, Raed A Abd-Alhameed and Rami Qahwaji
Controllability of positive discrete-time switched fractional order systems for fixed switching sequence Artur Babiarz, Adrian Łęgowski and Michał Niezabitowski
A trace clustering solution based on using the distance graph model Quang-Thuy Ha, Hong-Nhung Bui and Tri-Thanh Nguyen
On Expressiveness of TCTL for Model Checking Distributed Systems Naima Jbeli, Zohra Sbaï and Rahma Ben Aed
Cost optimizing methods for deterministic queuing systems Martin Gavalec and Zuzana Němcová
User authentication through keystroke dynamics as the protection against keylogger attacks Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska, Aleksander Marciniak and Marcin Pietranik
Data Warehouses Federation as a single Data Warehouse Rafał Kern
A solution for automatically malicious Web shell and Web application vulnerability detection Van-Giap Le, Huu-Tung Nguyen, Dang-Nhac LU and Ngoc-Hoa Nguyen
Data evolution method in the procedure of user authentication using keystroke dynamics Adrianna Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska, Aleksander Marciniak and Marcin Pietranik
Multiagent cooperation for decision-making in the car-following behavior Anouer Bennajeh, Fahem Kebair, Lamjed Ben Said and Samir Aknine
GRASP applied to Multi–Skill Resource–Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Pawel B. Myszkowski and Jędrzej J. Siemieński
Biological Regulation and Psychological Mechanisms Models of Adaptive Decision-Making Behaviors: Drives, Emotions, and Personality Amine Chohra and Kurosh Madani
A constraint-based approach to modeling and solving resource-constrained scheduling problems Paweł Sitek and Jarosław Wikarek
Some remarks on the mean-based prioritization methods in AHP Konrad Kułakowski and Anna Kędzior
Bi-criteria data reduction for instance-based classification Ireneusz Czarnowski, Joanna Jedrzejowicz and Piotr Jedrzejowicz
Dynamic Cooperative Interaction Strategy for Solving RCPSP by a Team of Agents Piotr Jedrzejowicz and Ewa Ratajczak-Ropel
Influence of the Waiting Strategy on the Performance of the Multi-Agent Approach to the DVRPTW Dariusz Barbucha
Local termination criteria for Stochastic Diffusion Search: a comparison with the behaviour of ant nest-site selection J. Mark Bishop, Andrew O. Martin and Elva J.H. Robinson
Optimizing Urban Public Transportation with Ant Colony Algorithm Elena Kochegurova and Ekaterina Gorokhova
A Hybrid Approach based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Random Forests for E-mail Spam Filtering Hossam Faris, Ibrahim Aljarah and Bashar Al-Shboul
Fuzzy Logic and PD Control Strategies of a Three-Phase Electric Arc Furnace Loredana Ghiormez, Octavian Prostean, Manuela Panoiu and Caius Panoiu
Hybrid Harmony Search combined with Variable Neighborhood Search for the Traveling Tournament Problem Meriem Khelifa and Dalila Boughaci
Utilizing Linked Open Data for Web Service Selection and Composition to Support e-Commerce Transactions Nikolaos Vesyropoulos, Christos Georgiadis and Elias Pimenidis
Improved Method of Detecting Replay Logo in Sports Videos Based on Contrast Feature and Histogram Difference Kazimierz Choroś and Adam Gogol
Dynamic MCDA Approach to Multilevel Decision Support in Online Environment Jaroslaw Jankowski, Jarosław Wątróbski and Paweł Ziemba
Usability Testing of a Mobile Friendly Web Conference Service Ida Błażejczyk, Bogdan Trawinski, Agnieszka Indyka-Piasecka, Marek Kopel, Elżbieta Kukla and Jarosław Bernacki
Latent Email Communication Patterns Milos Vacek
Spectral Saliency-based Video Deinterlacing Umang Aggarwal, Maria Trocan and Francois-Xavier Coudoux
Agent-based approach for Ship Damage Control Eugenio Oliveira and Paulo Martins
Collective Profitability and Welfare in Selling-Buying Intermediation Processes Amelia Badica, Costin Badica, Mirjana Ivanović and Ionut Buligiu
Fault-tolerance in XJAF Agent Middleware Mirjana Ivanović, Jovana Ivković, Milan Vidaković, Nikola Luburić and Costin Badica
Agent-Based Support of a Virtual eLearning Space Emil Doychev, Asya Stoyanova-Doycheva, Stanimir Stoyanov and Vanya Ivanova
Generalized nets for agent-based modeling Galina Ilieva and Stanislava Klisarova
Networking Readers: Using Semantic and Geographical Links to Enhance E-books Reading Experience Dan Cristea, Ionut Cristian Pistol, Daniela Gifu and Daniel Alexandru Anechitei
Detecting Satire in Italian Political Commentaries Rodolfo Delmonte and Michele Stingo
Semantic diversification of text search results Andrei Micu and Adrian Iftene
Ant Colony System with a Restart Procedure for TSP Rafał Skinderowicz
Differential Cryptanalysis of FEAL4 using Evolutionary Algorithm Kamil Dworak and Urszula Boryczka
Differential Evolution in a Recommendation System Based on Collaborative Filtering Urszula Boryczka and Michał Bałchanowski
Using Genetic Algorithm to Aesthetic Patterns Design Grzegorz T. Machnik, Miłosław Chodacki and Wiesław Kotarski
A survey of ADAS technologies for the future perspective of sensor fusion Adam Ziebiński, Rafal Cupek, Hueseyin Erdogan and Sonja Waechter
Modified Random Forest algorithm for Wi–Fi Indoor Localization System Rafał Górak and Marcin Luckner
Smart Underwater Positioning System and Simultaneous Communication Boguslaw Szlachetko and Michał Lower
Hierarchical Data Aggregation Based Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks Soumyabrata Saha, Rituparna Chaki and Nabendu Chaki
Towards Cloud-Based Data Warehouse as a Service for Big Data Analytics Hichem Dabbèchi, Ahlem Nabli and Lotfi Bouzguenda
Performance comparison of sensor implemented in smartphones with X-IMU Juraj Machaj, Jan Racko and Peter Brida
Design solution of centralized monitoring system of airport facilities Josef Horalek and Tomas Svoboda
Room-level Indoor Localization Based on Wi-Fi Signals Filip Maly, Pavel Kriz and Martin Jedlicka
IPv6 Firewall Functions Analysis Josef Horalek and Vladimir Sobeslav
Novel Edge Detection Scheme in the Trinion Space for Use in Medical Images with Multiple Components Dawit Assefa and Ondrej Krejcar
Simulations of Light Propagation and Thermal Response in Biological Tissues Accelerated by Graphics Processing Unit Jakub Mesicek, Jan Zdarsky, Rafael Dolezal, Ondrej Krejcar and Kamil Kuca
Comparison of RUST and C# as a tool for creation of a large agent-based simulation for population prediction of patients with Alzheimer’s disease in EU Richard Cimler, Ondrej Dolezal and Pavel Pscheidl
Dorsal Hand Recognition through Adaptive YCbCr Imaging Technique Orcan Alpar and Ondrej Krejcar
Designing QSAR Models for Promising TLR4 Agonists Isolated from Euodia Asteridula by Artificial Neural Networks Enhanced by Optimal Brain Surgeon Rafael Dolezal, Jan Trejbal, Jakub Mesicek, Agata Milanov, Veronika Racakova and Jiri Krenek
Exploration of Autoimmune Diseases Using Multi-Agent Systems Richard Cimler, Martina Husáková and Martina Koláčková
Decision Support Biomedical Application Based on Consistent Optimization of Preference Matrices Richard Cimler, Martin Gavalec, Karel Mls and Daniela Ponce
Implementation of Articial Neural Network on Graphics Processing Unit For Classication Problems Syahid Anuar, Roselina Sallehuddin and Ali Selamat
Ontology-Based Education Support System for Solving Emergency Incidents Martina Husáková
Innovations in Software Engineering Subjects Petra Poulova and Ivana Simonova
Collective Unconscious Interaction Patterns in Classrooms Roberto Araya and Josefina Hernandez
Smart mobile devices in the higher education: comparative study of FIM UHK in 2013/14 to 2015/16 Petra Poulova and Ivana Simonova
Motivation System on Prediction Market Mikuláš Gangur
Decision Processes in Smart Learning Environments Peter Mikulecky
Upgrading Event and Pattern Detection to Big Data Soumaya Cherichi and Rim Faiz
A Graph-path Counting Approach for Learning Head Output Connected Relations Nuran Peker and Alev Mutlu
A Framework for Analysis of Ontology-Based Data Access Agnieszka Konys
Towards a Real-time Big GeoData Geolocation System Based on Visual and Textual Features Sarra Hasni and Sami Faiz
A  parallel implementation of Relief algorithm using  Mapreduce paradigm Jamila Yazidi, Waad Bouaguel and Nadia Essoussi
Rational Discovery of GSK3-beta Modulators Aided by Protein Pocket Prediction and High-Throughput Molecular Docking Rafael Dolezal, Michaela Melikova, Jakub Mesicek and Kamil Kuca
A machine-learning approach to the automated assessment of joint synovitis activity Konrad Wojciechowski, Bogdan Smolka, Rafal Cupek, Adam Ziebiński, Karolina Nurzynska, Marek Kulbacki, Jakub Segen, Marcin Fojcik, Pawel Mielnik and Sebastian Hein
Intersection method, union method, product rule and weighted average method in a dispersed decision-making system – a comparative study on medical data Małgorzata Przybyła-Kasperek and Agnieszka Nowak-Brzezińska
The application of the region growing method to the determination of arterial changes Ewelina Sobotnicka, Aleksander Sobotnicki, Krzysztof Horoba and Piotr Porwik
Mining medical knowledge bases Agnieszka Nowak-Brzezińska, Tomasz Rybotycki, Roman Simiński and Małgorzata Przybyła-Kasperek
The Matching Method for Rectified Stereo Images Based on Minimal Element Distance and RGB Component Analysis Paweł Popielski, Robert Koprowski, Zygmunt Wróbel, Sławomir Wilczyński, Rafał Doroz, Krzysztof Wróbel and Piotr Porwik
KBExplorator and KBExpertLib as the Tools for Building Medical Decision Support Systems Roman Simiński and Agnieszka Nowak-Brzezińska
Building Medical Guideline for Intensive Insulin Therapy of Children with T1D at Onset Rafał Deja
A new personal verification technique using finger – knuckle imaging Rafał Doroz, Krzysztof Wróbel, Piotr Porwik, Hossein Safaverdi, Michal Senejko, Janusz Jezewski, Paweł Popielski, Sławomir Wilczyński, Robert Koprowski and Zygmunt Wrobel
Automatic Detection of Fetal Abnormality using Head and Abdominal Circumference Vidhi Rawat, Alok Jain, Vibhakar Shrimali and Abhishek Rawat
On one approach of solving Sentiment Analysis task for Kazakh and Russian languages using deep learning Narynov Sergazy Sakenovich and Arman Serikuly Zharmagambetov
Morphological transducer for Mongolian Zoljargal Munkhjargal, Altangerel Chagnaa and Purev Jaimai
An approach of automatic extraction of domain keywords from the Kazakh Text Yermek Alimzhanov and Madina Mansurova
Inferring of the morphological chunk transfer rules on the base of complete set of Kazakh endings Ualsher Tukeyev, Aida Sundetova, Balzhan Abduali, Zhadyra Akhmadiyeva and Nurbolat Zhanbussunov