How to arrive

Transportation airport to/from the Venue

There will be a shuttle bus, free of charge, from the Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki (Int’l IATA code SKG) to/from the Athena Pallas Village on the day before the conference (September 27th, 2016) and the day after the conference (October 1st, 2016). The shuttle bus will make several trips during each of these days. Interested registrants should declare their intention to use this bus by providing flight details (please fill-in the form using accurate details). According to the collected arrival and departure times, the organizers will try to optimize the schedules.

If a registrant is not interested in using this facility, then the next best solution to reach the venue is to take a taxi which usually costs ~110-120 euros, one way, per ride (can be shared, thus divide the cost, by up to 4 persons).

The third solution is to take a taxi to the Public bus station for Halkidiki bus station (see note below) and then take the bus with destination Neos Marmaras, which stops (before arriving to Neos Marmaras – just let the driver know of your intended stop at the Venue – Athena Pallas Village) very close to the Venue (~100-150 meters). For details of departures, see Halkidiki public buses.  This solution costs less but its efficiency depends on particular times of registrant’s flights and bus departures from Public bus station for Halkidiki or Neos Marmaras.

Important Note

Thessaloniki has 2 public bus stations. One only for Halkidiki (shown in the map below) and another for all other destinations (not shown in the map to avoid confusion). Whenever asking for directions or fares to the Halkidiki bus station remember to clearly mention that your intended bus is for Halkidiki.

Interactive Map